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    Everyone has small memories of silly little products from their childhood that are only precious to them. It could be something strange that was carried at your local store, or even something made by the millions that dropped off the face of the planet like Tinkerbell. The most prominent Tinkerbell product of the 80’s was the Brush-On Peel-Off nail polish. Very few girls made it past an hour with the nail polish still in tact. Sure, you didn’t need chemical remover to take it off, but there would be little pink paint chip trails all over the house. Regardless, it was a hot item that promoted all the fun of peeling paint. Though no longer available, many questions are raised as to where the Nail polish can be purchased. Well, wait no longer! Worx Toys have acquired this unique, proprietary formulation and improved it! Hot new colors, improved drying time and smoother peeling make the new BoPo better than ever!


    The 80′s sensation is back and better than ever! Bo-Po is a unique, non toxic, child safe formula that dries in seconds. With 10 vibrant colors to collect Bo-po will match every mood.Grils can brush on their own nail polish then peel it off, no nail polish remover required. With the innovative spill proof battle, mom doesn’t have to supervise.


    Solid Colours

    cloudy day

    Bo-Po Cloudy Day Nail Polish


    Bo-Po Emerald Nail Polish

    Grape Soda

    Bo-Po Grape Soda Nail Polish


    Bo-Po OMG Nail Polish


    Bo-Po Razzmatazz Nail Polish

    Bubble Gum

    Bo-Po Bubble Gum Nail Polish

    Day Camp

    Bo-Po Day Camp Nail Polish



    Bo-Po Pinkie Swear Tint

    Pinkie Swear

    Bo-Po Sweet Dreams Tint

    Sweet Dreams Tint

    Bo-Po Cotton Candy Tint

    Cotton Candy Tint

    Use Bo-Po™ TINTS to make nails sparkle and shine!

    Bo-Po™ TINTS are semi-transparent. Create cool effects over Bo-Po™ solid colored nail polish or Use Bo-Po™ TINTS right on natural nails!


    After your nails are done, complete your look with the Bo-Po color changing lip Balm. This Moisturizing balm comes in two tasty flavors: Mango and Ice Cream, and changes colors when applied to skin.


    Bo-Po Mango Lip Balm

    Bo-Po Ice Cream Lip Balm

    Bo-Po Ice Cream & Mango Lip Balm

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